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VELUX Curb Mount Flashing and Underlayment

VELUX adhesive underlayment and curb mount flashing designed specifically for curb mount installations of VELUX skylights. Proper installation ensures a weather-tight fit on virtually any type of roof. VELUX flashing systems shed water without the use of sealants that may degrade over time while the adhesive underlayment provides added protection from extreme weather conditions.

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VELUX ZOZ 216 Adhesive Underlayment
Provides added protection from extreme weather conditions
Starting at $38.00

VELUX ZZZ 200 0000C ECL Addtional Step Flashing
Additional step flashing for curb mounted products
Starting at $22.00

VELUX ECW 0000C High Profile Step Flashing
For tile roofs over 3/4 inch thickness
Starting at $167.00

VELUX ECL 0000C Step Flashing
For asphalt shingles, wood shakes and flat tile (under ¾ inch thickness)
Starting at $90.00

Products 1-4 of 4

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