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VELUX Pre-2010 Skylight Accessories

VELUX skylight accessories for pre-2010 VELUX products including but not limited to control rods, power supplies, remote controls, and trim kits.

Product Identification
Every VELUX skylight and roof window features a data plate mounted on the frame. This dataplate contains the product serial number, which tells the skylight model, glass type and date of manufacture.

When ordering accessories for existing products or requesting product servicing, you should locate this number prior to contacting us. Doing so will help us provide you with the best service possible.

Tip: For the FS the plate is located at the bottom left frame, VS/VSE is at the bottom left sash. For QPF, FCM, VCM and VCE the information is stamped into the side of the exterior covers.

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ZOZ 032 Manual Rod
Operates venting units and manual blinds
Starting at $43.20

VELUX ZCT 100 Extension Rod
3' Extension for ZCT 300, ZMT 300, and ZXT 200
Starting at $14.00

VELUX ZZZ 169W Crank Handle
Operate VCM skylights within reach
Starting at $26.50

VELUX ZCT 300 Manual Telescopic Rod
Operates venting units and manual blinds with a smooth-turning operation
Starting at $41.00

ZST 300 Manual Telescopic Rod
6'-10' manual telescopic rod for FCM models
Starting at $51.60

VELUX ZMT 300 Morotized Telescopic Rod
Rechargeable, battery-operated rod for easy operation of manual venting units
Starting at $207.00

VELUX KES 160 Power Supply
Powers electric blinds and daylight controllers
Starting at $137.00

VELUX WLC 160 Power Supply
Power supply for 3 electric blinds
Starting at $339.60

VELUX KLC 500 Power Supply
Power supply for up to 5 electric blinds
Starting at $153.60

VELUX WLR 160 Remote Control
Operate electric blinds from anywhere in the room
Starting at $104.40

VELUX ZOZ 031 Replacement Hook (VS)
Replacement hook for older VS skylights
Starting at $22.00

VELUX ZZZ 179W Replacement Hook
Replacement hook for Pre-2010 skylights
Starting at $22.50

VELUX WLF 111 Sensor Interface
Allows non-VELUX sensors to operate VELUX electrical skylights and accessories
Starting at $366.00

VELUX ZZZ 189 Skyligtht Trim Kit
Provides a clean interior finish when replacing older style roof windows and skylights
Starting at $82.80

VELUX WLI 160 Wall Mounted Keypad
Powers electric blinds
Starting at $147.60

Products 1-15 of 15

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