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VELUX Top Hinged Roof Windows - GPL

The VELUX Top Hinged Roof Window (GPL) is designed to bring plenty of fresh air and natural light into an upstairs living area. The GPL window is specifically designed to be installed in a room on the upper level of a building where as the window will be within reach. The VELUX GPL windows open outward to a 45° providing an unobstructed view while also opening inward for easy cleaning.


  • The GPL roof window comes with a select wood frame and sash coated with a clear finish, and aluminum or copper cladding
  • The top sash rotates completely inward so that the glass can be easily cleaned from inside the room
  • When the GPL roof window is closed, a ventilation flap can be opened to provide a breath of fresh air, even if it is raining outside
  • A complete line of flashing systems help ensure a weathertight installation for your GPL roof window on most types of roofs: shingles/shakes and high profile roofing
  • Opens to a 45° angle to satisfy current requirements for emergency escape and rescue

Sunscreening options for optimal light control [sold separately]
The GPL roof window is compatible with several manual sunscreening accessories including:
* Blackout Blinds - Block the light
* Venetian Blinds - Accurate glare and light control
* Roller Blinds - Diffuse the light
* Heatblock awning - Best control against heat gain (can be used in conjunction with other blinds)

Quick Specs
Use Residential
Ventilation Yes
Flashing Required Yes
Blinds Available
Roof Pitch 20°-55°
GPL Installation Instructions»

Note: Roof windows are not designed to be used in combination with skylights.

Bottom latch
Comfortable to operate and easy to access.
Convenient ventilation
Our unique ventilation flap keeps dust and insects out while letting fresh air in.
Uninterrupted View
Experience a clear view with the top-hung GPL's 45° opening angle.

Products 1-2 of 2
Rough opening (in.): 31¼ x 55½
Starting at $858.33

Rough opening (in.): 45¼ x 467/8
Starting at $959.31

Products 1-2 of 2

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