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If you've ever wandered into a home with a skylight, then you must have experienced the magic and beauty it provides. 

Whether it's watching the graceful snowfall on a bright moonlit night or lighting up the room on a sunny summer day, it's no wonder people want to purchase a solar skylight for themselves!

But the question remains – are skylights a good idea? 

Like anything seemingly magical, it comes with a couple of reasons why you might rethink your decision. Before you whip out your wallet and credit card, keep reading to learn a few pros and cons to help you make the appropriate decision. 

Skylight Cons

Let's start with the cons. Because quite honestly, there are only two that are significant enough to warrant attention. 

Con #1: Expenses

The first con you'll run into is the expenses. The initial cost, installation and maintenance can start to add up before you even begin to enjoy it. 

There's no way to avoid it. It’s a package deal. But the good news is that you can mitigate expenses with a tax credit and your overall energy bill. 

Many people assume that the tax credit in question only applies to solar panels, but luckily that's not true. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes solar skylights and solar blinds eligible for the 26 percent tax credit. 

That's a powerful incentive to invest in a project that'll increase your home's value. 

Order a Solar Skylight to Get the Federal Tax Credit

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Con #2: Leaks and Damages

The second con with solar skylights is the potential for leaks and damage. It may not pay to cut corners and purchase a low-quality skylight you install yourself. 

If you ever find yourself coming across an ad for a low-priced skylight, you can be certain that it's likely a plastic glazed skylight that's prone to wear and discoloration. With skylights, you truly get what you pay for. 

And for whatever reason, if the skylight happens to get damaged or you start noticing leaks, you can always take advantage of the VELUX skylight warranty

As you can see, the cons of having a skylight are easily offset and mitigated in the long run. But how much does a skylight cost

Your final cost depends on several factors, like the type of glass used, its features and any additional parts. Check out our post to get a more detailed breakdown to know what you can expect to pay. 

How Much Does a Skylight Cost? Find Out Here!

Skylight Pros

The list of skylight benefits is extensive, but there are a few that truly stand out. 

Pro #1: Natural Light and Mental Health

Skylights are well-known for increasing natural light in your home during the day. It's especially beneficial for homes that don't seem to allow in light from their other windows. Skylights also work year-round to decrease your energy bills in several ways. 

During the dog days of summer, your solar skylight can trap the cool air in and prevent it from getting out. You get the added benefit of a brightly lit room that actually stays cool. 

It doesn't just make it aesthetically pleasing, but getting more natural light provides health benefits you might not even realize. As contrary as it seems, people who had more exposure to more natural light at home revealed they experienced a more restful night of sleep

In addition to getting better sleep, skylights also reduce mental health issues during wintertime. If you suffer from a seasonal affective disorder, then the increased sunlight exposure while you're stuck at home is sure to help. 

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Pro #2: Magic for Smaller Spaces

Nobody wants to feel like they live in a closet. But with home costs rising and spaces shrinking, it seems like there's no way to run from it. However, you can introduce skylights and mirrors to make a small room feel massive.

Pro #3: Ventilation

If you opt for a solar skylight that opens or one with remote access, skylights act as an excellent source of ventilation. Because heat rises, opening up your skylight to let it out is the quickest and most efficient way to air out your home. 

Are Skylights Right for You?

Although skylights present initial bumps in the road, they're easily mitigated by the long-term benefits. 

It's advantageous to take a few minutes to jot down some of the benefits and ensure that a solar skylight is something that fits your lifestyle. Contact our specialists to get a more detailed breakdown of our products or for any questions you might have!