Boho Bathroom Guide: Ideas On Decor, Accessories, & Themes

Boho Bathroom Guide: 20 Ideas On Decor, Accessories, & Themes

The boho aesthetic is an incredibly popular one in the 21st century, especially for laid-back, free-spirited individuals. Unsurprisingly, this is where Bohemian home decor had its debut – with the freethinking artists and nomads in 19th-century Paris.

You can feel the good vibrations coming through in any boho-styled room, with natural materials, bright colours, and eclectic accents. Bright and airy are the first words that come to mind when you think of this style, with a focus on the outdoors and natural light.

It's no wonder, then, that the boho bathroom is one of the most popular spaces to decorate in this style. It's the perfect place to relax and let go of all your worries after a long day. So, if you're looking for some boho bathroom ideas, we've got you covered; you’ll find 20 visual ideas sprinkled throughout this article, plus some handy advice for finding your style.

What is a contemporary bathroom?

The boho aesthetic is a gentle, complementary mix of contemporary and traditional styles. Specifically, contemporary styling in interior design refers to clean lines, open spaces, and uncluttered rooms. It often features sleek, minimalist furniture and fixtures.

Some of the accents you can expect to see in a contemporary bathroom include:

  • Natural stone or concrete flooring.
  • Porcelain, stainless steel, or glass tile backsplashes.
  • Wall sconces and recessed lighting.
  • Integrated sink and vanity units.
  • A frameless glass shower enclosure.
  • Heated towel rails.

This style is perfect for those who want a sleek and minimalist bathroom with a touch of luxury – and it's the ideal canvas for a boho bathroom makeover.

Contemporary Boho

What is a traditional bathroom?

Layering traditional accents over a contemporary base is a great way to achieve the Bohemian bathroom look. Traditional bathrooms are typically more decorative and ornate than contemporary spaces. They often feature intricate tilework, opulent finishes, and classic furniture styles.

Some of the features you can expect to see in a traditional bathroom include:

  • A clawfoot tub or freestanding bath.
  • Victorian-style taps and fittings.
  • Moroccan or mosaic tiles in a range of colours and patterns.
  • Wainscoting or panelling on the walls.
  • A large, ornate mirror.
  • Glass chandeliers.
  • Shower curtains.

You can almost think of boho as the eclectic cousin of traditional – it takes the best elements of traditional style and gives them a modern twist, almost like a curated patchwork. Often, the boho look is achieved by adding touches of nature like greenery and succulents, macrame tassels, and wooden accents.

Traditional Boho

A boho chic bathroom is a variation of boho that maintains more of the contemporary style and less of the traditional. A rustic bathroom, then, is the opposite; a little more traditional, a little less sleek.

Skylights Make the Perfect Match For a Modern Boho Bathroom

Another common Bohemian feature to be aware of is the skylight. These natural light sources can be a great addition to any bathroom, but they pair especially well with a boho design. In fact, many homeowners choose to forgo traditional window treatments in favour of letting the light flood in unimpeded.

Overhead Skylight Aesthetic

If you're looking for a way to add natural light and a touch of the outdoors to your boho bathroom, a skylight is a perfect solution. Not only will it brighten up the space and make it feel more open and airy, but it can also be a beautiful focal point for the room – not to mention the storage space it’ll free up.

There are a few different types of skylights to choose from, so be sure to do your research before you make a purchase. Some popular options include:

  • Fixed skylights
  • Operable skylights
  • Dome skylights
  • Vented skylights
  • Flat roof skylights

To achieve the perfect boho look, choose a skylight that feels natural, yet elegant. Opt for a simple design with clean lines and natural materials like wood or metal.

Boho Bathroom Ideas

Before you go ahead and begin piecing together your boho bathroom, there are a few steps to cover first. You'll need to brainstorm the following:

  • What bathroom theme will you choose?
  • What's your design inspiration?
  • Which pieces of decor will you use?
  • Are there any accessories you need?

Once you've answered these questions, it's time to start putting your ideas into action. Let's run through each step in more detail.

Tranquil Corner Shower

Choosing a Boho Bathroom Theme

The key thing to remember with a Bohemian aesthetic is that it's largely free of rules or guidelines; the idea is to follow a free-spirited approach and let your creativity run wild. So, with that in mind, it's important to choose a bathroom theme that you feel reflects your personality and style.

Some popular ideas include:

  • A zen spa bathroom with muted colours and natural materials like stone or wood
  • A retro '50s-inspired bathroom with bright colours and playful patterns
  • An eclectic mix of styles that draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and time periods
  • A greenhouse-inspired bathroom with plenty of plants and natural light, macramé details, and vintage finds
  • An autumnal-themed bathroom with deep oranges, browns, and greens

The only real commonality between these themes is that they're all eclectic and free-spirited, and tend to stray from the 'clean' or 'sleek' aesthetic that's popular in many modern bathrooms (although the chic and glam variants do feature some of these elements, as you’ll see below).

Bohemian Glam

Greenhouse Inspired

Bohemian Retro

Simplistic Zen

It may also help to begin with a colour palette so that you can start to narrow down your choices. Some popular boho colours include Olive, Stone, Khaki, Sand, Mustard, and Clay – but again, feel free to mix and match to create a look that's truly unique to you.

Finding Your Boho Bathroom Inspiration

Once you've got a theme locked down, it's time to start finding inspiration for the individual pieces of your bathroom. This can be anything from online images or photos you've taken on your travels, to objects and materials you've seen in nature.

Pinterest is a popular source of inspiration for boho bathrooms, as it allows you to create boards with images and ideas that you can come back to later. The Spruce has some great examples of boho bathrooms that you can draw inspiration from, too. Feel free to mix and match!

Boho Plant Bathroom

Minimalist Boho Bathroom

Bohemian Chic

Wooden and Macrame Accents

Moroccan Tiles and Accents

Farmhouse Aesthetic

Boho Jungle Skylights

Selecting Some Boho Bathroom Decor

Decor refers to anything that furnishes or decorates a room – and the boho style uses a lot of natural elements to do just that. Bohemian decor can take many different forms, but it often includes distressed furniture, colourful textiles, and eclectic accessories. You'll find that plants are a common feature in boho spaces, as are candles and incense.

Simple and Natural Decor

To choose your decor, refer back to the theme and colour scheme you want for your bathroom; remember, though, that things can be mix-matchy in the boho style. If you're going for a natural look, wood and stone are great materials to use. Rattan and wicker furniture can also work well in a boho bathroom, as can textured fabrics like velvet and suede.

Boho Wall Art

Here are a few more ideas to get you started:

  • Add a touch of nature with plants and flowers.
  • Choose accessories in earthy tones, like green, brown, and beige.
  • Include vintage pieces in your decor to give it an extra boho vibe.
  • Think outside the box – use things like macrame, tapestries, and even fairy lights to add interest.
  • Go thrift store shopping for unique finds that will set your bathroom apart.
  • Look for wall art that reflects your boho aesthetic.
  • Anything that screams 'DIY' is perfect for boho decor.

Ultimately, the best way to achieve a boho look is to just go with your gut and use what you love. There are no ground rules in this style – only creative expression and a relaxed, laid-back vibe.

Finishing It Off With Boho Bathroom Accessories

Finally, you will want to add the finishing touches to your boho design with bathroom accessories. These are things that serve a utility purpose; think shower curtains, soap dispensers, and rugs. It can be quite satisfying to complete the look of your bathroom with these accessories, and they don’t have to be expensive. In fact, many boho-inspired items can be found at thrift stores or garage sales, or cheap furniture stores like IKEA.

Your accessories are also a great way to incorporate a pop of accented colour or some unique textures into the room. Softer elements like lace and crochet can be used to add a touch of femininity, while metal accents can give a more industrial vibe. As always, it’s important to keep in mind the overall theme and feel you are trying to create with your boho bathroom decor.

Hippie Chic Accessories

Some accessories you'll want to tick off the list include:

  • A shower curtain. This can be a great opportunity to add some personality and colour to the room. Opt for a bold pattern or interesting texture to make a statement.
  • A bath mat or bathroom rug. Again, go for something colourful and eye-catching that will help set the tone for your boho bathroom.
  • A soap dispenser or holder. This is a small detail, but it can really add to the overall look and feel of the room. Choose something that matches the style of your bathroom.
  • A toothbrush holder. You can find some cute and unique holders out there, and it’s a great way to add personality to the room.
  • A toilet brush holder. This it can be really helpful in keeping the bathroom organised and clean.
  • An area rug. If you've got a roomy bathroom with plenty of floor space, an area rug can really help to cosy it up and add a touch of luxury.
  • Bohemian style bath towels. Plenty of towel designs are now incorporating patterns and textures that lend themselves well to a boho aesthetic.

Remember, too, that choosing boho-style accessories can be a quick and simple way to get the Bohemian aesthetic if you don't want a full remodel of your bathroom design. The same goes for other areas like living rooms and kitchens. With a little bit of creative thinking, you can easily create a boho-inspired look in any room of your home.

A Pop of Colour

Tips to Install Skylights in Boho Bathrooms

Circling back to skylights; we've mentioned that these are perfect for boho bathrooms, as they emit a natural light that is ideal to achieve the desired look. Your next step is to understand exactly which type of skylight is perfect for your bathroom, and the steps to getting one installed.

Sloping Skylights

There are three types of skylights: fixed, venting, and tubular. A fixed skylight doesn't open, while a venting one does – it allows hot air to escape in the summertime. Tubular skylights are installed in a roof or ceiling and channel daylight down a sun tunnel to the room below.

The best type of skylight for a boho bathroom is a fixed one, as it will allow you to capture the natural light and enhance the atmosphere of the room without any fuss. If you're unsure about installing one yourself, there are plenty of professional installers who will be more than happy to help.

Notice the Room Size

Your first task when installing a skylight is to consider how large or small you want it to be. A great rule of thumb as suggested by Velux, is to make your skylight roughly 10 percent of the floor space. This tends to omit the right amount of light for a bathroom, without making it feel too overwhelming.

If you have a particularly large bathroom, then you may want to consider installing more than one skylight – just be sure to keep in mind the 10 percent rule (give or take). For the boho look in particular, it can be really effective to have a few smaller skylights rather than one large one, or to offset a skylight with a window to create natural light and ventilation.

Consider the Positioning

Once you've decided on the size and shape of your skylight, it's time to think about positioning. As we mentioned before, bathrooms should be bright and airy, so it's important to place your skylight in a spot where it can take advantage of natural light.

Note which direction your bathroom faces in relation to the sun, and then position your skylight accordingly. If you have a window in your bathroom, it's best to place the skylight opposite it – this will create a more balanced look in the room. Some people even opt to place skylights in their walls for a subtler glow.

You should also take into consideration your desired light placement. Would you like light to shine directly onto the bathtub, or would you prefer it to be diffused throughout the room? Talk to your installer about the best positioning for your skylight, taking into account both natural light and artificial light sources.

Take Care of Moisture Protection

Finally, it is crucial to protect your skylight from moisture. Bathrooms are notorious for high levels of humidity, which can cause damage to the skylight and shorten its lifespan. Considering that skylights can cost hundreds in both materials and labour, it's important to take the necessary precautions to keep them in top condition.

One way to achieve this is by installing a skylight with a built-in moisture protection system. These are designed to release any excess humidity before it has a chance to cause any damage. If your skylight doesn't have this feature, you can also have a professional install a moisture protection membrane to the roof around the skylight.

With these tips in mind, you're ready to have your very own boho bathroom skylight installed. Your free-spirited, nature-inspired aesthetic awaits.