How Much Does a Skylight Cost?

While deciding to buy a skylight, cost is one of the biggest concerns customers may have. We often speak with folks who want or replace a skylight, but fear that the cost might be out of their budget. You may be asking yourself things like “how much does it cost to install a skylight?”, “what is the cost to add a skylight to my home?”, or even “how much are skylights?” We’re here every day to answer these questions for you.

While cost is certainly a factor, many people install a skylight in order to save money. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average electric bill for American homeowners in 2016 ranged between $98 and $130 per month, depending on their location.

Residential skylights, however, can severely cut this cost. By providing a natural source of light and fresh air, residential skylights can decrease the need for electricity during the daytime. Enjoy the sunshine all day without ever hitting the light switch!

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Understanding Skylight Cost

There are several different types of skylights. Some models open and close manually while some are powered with electricity. The price for each model is determined by its size and features. VELUX Skylights offers a Fixed Mount model, for example, that can be purchased and installed for only a few hundred dollars. Frankly, there could be multiple models of VELUX that are right for your home. You also need to know which is right for you.

VELUX Vented Skylights will save you money with their ability to vent out hot, stale, and humid air from your home in warmer months, reducing the amount of air conditioning you will require. These are available in Manual, Electric, and Solar Venting models.

VELUX Solar Skylights have a solar panel on them which collects and stores energy in the built-in battery. Simply open and close your skylight with the touch of a button – no wires necessary! Solar models are also eligible for a 30% tax credit, which can be used toward solar skylight accessories. An average credit ranges between $330 and $720, meaning that 30% federal tax credit could cover the cost of a factory-installed blind!

All VELUX Skylights come with a 10-year no-leak warranty. This warranty works to ensure that the cost of the skylight will be worth it, no matter which model you buy.

The following list outlines the current base price of each VELUX Residential Skylight we offer:

Velux Skylight Type Velux Skylight Model Base Price*
Fixed Deck Mount FS-C06 $255.42
Fixed Curb Mount FCM-2246 $198.00
Pan Flashed Deck Mounted QPF-2246 $311.85
Manual Vent Deck Mount VS-C06 $492.03
Manual Vent Curb Mount VCM-2246 $524.70
Electric Vent Deck Mount VSE-C06 $1,200.87
Electric Vent Curb Mount VCE-2246 $1,260.27
Solar Venting Deck Mount VSS-C06 $1,200.87
Solar Venting Curb Mount VCS-2246 $1,260.27
Solar Venting w/ Tax Credit VSS-C06 $1,200.87
Solar Venting w/ Tax Credit VCS-2246 $1,260.27

*These prices do NOT include installation costs which will vary based on factors such as: skylight model, ceiling type, number of skylights being installed, etc.

When considering a Velux Venting Skylight there is a lot to consider and the choice can be much harder to make than for the fixed skylights. Velux Vented Skylights will save you money in general due to their ability to vent out hot air from your home in warmer months, reducing the amount of air conditioning you will require. Between the different types the Velux Electric skylight is no longer a good choice. This skylight costs significantly more than all the others and we no longer recommend it as long as the Solar Tax Credit is still available. It is a no-brainer between the Solar Models and the electric models because after the tax credit the electric models cost 40% more. Velux Solar Skylights are easy to install and the installation costs are also eligible for the tax credit. You can easily install two new Solar skylights for the price of one electric unit by taking advantage of the Solar Tax Credit.

Now let’s discuss the costs considerations between the Velux Manual Venting and the Velux Solar Venting skylights. The prices for the deck mounted models shown above are $467 for VS-C06 and $849.10 (After Tax Credit) for the VSS – C06. How about installation? How much does the installation of a Skylight cost? At they suggest $400 and up depending on the situation. I will also say that they suggest that there are different costs to install a fixed vs venting skylight, but that should not be the case! You are doing the opening and closing, they are installing and flashing the same for both models! The key here is that there is a relative cost between new construction and existing, large amounts of drywall work or not, replacing existing or new install, changing roofing structure, or not, etc, etc… for our purposes here we will pick a fairly average install that requires some roofing rework and some drywall work, about $934. How did I get that number? A wise man once told me 1/3 material 2/3 labor for a quality construction job! (thanks Dad!) For the solar skylight this cost is eligible for the tax credit since it is for Solar improvements. This knocks the Solar cost down to a total of $849.10 + $560 = $1502.90, while the Manual Vented comes out to $1401! The convenience of a programmable, remote operated skylight for less than $100 more out of your pocket will keep you happy for years to come. Many installations may cost much more than this if they are very intricate, at which point the cost of the Velux Solar Venting Skylight will completely even out or be cheaper than a manual venting skylight.

Saving Money: Solar Tax Credit

The VELUX Solar Skylights offer a number of unique benefits. In addition to spending less on electricity each month, homeowners who purchase this skylight will quality for a Solar Tax Credit from the federal government.

Not only will you have access to an all-natural source of light and fresh air but you can also save up to 30% on their solar skylight and accessories purchase. That breaks down to an average credit between $330 and $720, which makes this product very affordable. Click here to find out more about this incredible saving! The Solar Tax Credit applies to the actual skylight cost as well as the price of installation, which can result in potentially huge savings for the homeowner.

And all VELUX Skylights products come with a 10-year, no-leak warranty. Essentially, this warranty works to ensure that, no matter which model you buy, the skylight cost will be worth it.