The Bathroom: A Place of Business and Luxury

The bathroom gets mixed emotions. Some people see it as an oasis which ushers in sweet relief. Others see it as a dungeon in which we do unspeakable things, never to be mentioned in bouts of conversation. Regardless of what you think of the bathroom, I think we can all agree that making aesthetic and practical changes to a space can brighten your mood, regardless of what you’re doing in there.

Light blue bathroom with VELUX Sun Tunnel above wooden vanity
VELUX Sun Tunnel in Bathroom

A lack of light can cause even a large room to feel small. Now imagine that feeling in one of the smallest rooms of the house. A dark bathroom might make its user feel claustrophobic or cramped, and who would want to feel like they’re being squeezed into one of the most private rooms of the house? VELUX Skylights has the perfect solution for a small, dark bathroom or any bathroom needing a remodel: the Sun Tunnel.

Since most bathrooms don’t require a large skylight, a Sun Tunnel from VELUX is a very sensible solution. Sun Tunnels allow the sun’s light to pass through smoothly. In order to best improve your space, you’ll find that VELUX Sun Tunnels are highly customizable with Daylight Controllers, Diffuser Plates, and Universal Electric Light Kit for night time use. VELUX Sun Tunnels have been the best kept secret of roofers and homeowners for natural light sources in smaller areas and rooms for years, with the most common spaces being in hallways, closets, and especially bathrooms. Enjoy a steady stream of golden light from almost anywhere in the house.

It almost goes without saying that a VELUX Sun Tunnel cuts lighting costs. Just think of all the times you or someone else has forgotten to turn the light off in the bathroom. It may seem like small potatoes at first, but over time those utilities add up! Now imagine that you didn’t even have to worry about that – during the day you could always have a light on! Worried about heat gain or loss via the sun tunnel? Worry no more. VELUX offers an insulating pane accessory for their Sun Tunnels installed in areas of intense heat or cold. Worried about roof leaks? Our patented Sun Tunnel technology includes factory applied gaskets that completely block out water and wind for a weather-tight installation.

Not sure if your bathroom ceiling is close enough to your roof? We also offer VELUX Sun Tunnel tube extensions to make it work. Take a look at the picture below to see how it works. Not sure if you need a rigid or a flexible Sun Tunnel? Curious about the different types of domes available? Our VELUX salesperson knows the ins and outs. Simply speak with Theresa and she’ll give you all the information you need!