What to Expect Now that VELUX has Purchased Wasco

Since the VELUX company has announced its acquisition of the Wasco Skylight company on April 2018, there has been a new and exciting transition happening with residential and commercial Skylight products. In this blog, we’ll break down the changes taking place and how you can benefit from them.

First, let’s start with the the combination of Wasco E Class skylights with the VELUX Brand of skylights. This has opened the door to more standard sizes, and a variety of retainer frame colors too match most roofing materials. When integrating two product lines, the best features are always the ones that come out on top. This buyout is no exception. Since, there has been an increase in the number of products that offer better UV protection, impact resistant glass and a big variety of Solar and Manual blinds to fit most skylights. VELUX didn’t just purchase Wasco for business strategy, they also gained lots of product knowledge to help make their product better in the future.

Second, shipping times are streamlined and most customers are receiving products within 3-4 business days. The customer sales and service are immediate and most in stock, standard products are ready to ship and there is a quick turnaround time for getting products to customers. Here at Skylights for Less, we always pride ourselves on our customer service and honesty. We want you to know as much as you can about these skylights before you even purchase them so that there are no surprises. Theresa, our VELUX certified salesperson, is available 9-to-5 Monday through Friday at 1-800-284-5194 ext. 292 to answer any question you may have about VELUX, Wasco, or Skylights in general.

Third, VELUX prides itself on innovative, eye-appealing skylights that will add fresh air and improve daylight. Our VELUX line is stunning to look at, energy-efficient, and very affordable for any budget. As usual, any customer will have a variety of models to choose from. VELUX’s hope is that they’ll be able to find better, more efficient skylights.

Curious about making the change yourself? Fret not, most Wasco customers are. Most models can be retro-fitted to existing openings. Best of all, VELUX and Wasco Skylights can be installed on most roofing materials – including but not limited to: metal roofs, high profile tile roofs, shingle roofs, flat roofs, and so much more.

Curious which Wasco Skylights are still available? Here's a summary of the changes made.

    • VELUX proudly still manufacturs the non-solar E-class models - EF and EV.
    • Low-E Laminated and White Laminated glass are the only options for these models.
    • The EVMS line has been replaced with the VSS and VCS lines.
    • VELUX has discontinued the sizes with larger horizontal measurements than vertical.
    • All Wasco tubular skylights have been discontinued and replaced with VELUX’s more efficient line.

    If you know you want a skylight, there has never been a more clearly defined best choice. VELUX has taken everything that made Wasco Skylights great and made it their own. Now the only thing left to choose is which model you’ll install!