There are many reasons why installing Velux Fixed Skylights is a bright idea.
  • Increase natural sunlight and energy efficiency in your home.
  • Transform a room into something truly unique.
  • Add practical and aesthetic value to your home.
The Velux Fixed Skylight

Velux Fixed Skylights are available in a wide range of sizes with various features to fit almost any application. Velux Fixed Skylights come standard with a top quality pre-finished white wood frame and protective copper or aluminum cladding. We carry a full assortment of Velux parts and accessories to suit your needs. We also have many different sizes and styles of flashing available to complete your installation. Looking for more information on the difference between Curb Mounted and Deck Mounted Velux Fixed Skylight applications? Click on a product below to learn more about its uses and features!


  • VELUX fixed skylights are designed for simple, weather-tight installations
  • VELUX fixed skylights are available in a variety of standard sizes as well as a wide range of custom sizes
  • All VELUX skylight glazings are built using energy efficient, LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes. Fixed skylights come with your choice of glazing options, each designed to meet the needs of specific building situations

More Information
Please visit each category for details and specifications on VELUX fixed curb mounted skylights (FCM), fixed deck mounted skylights (FS), and deck mounted replacement skylights (FSR).

Velux Fixed Skylight QFT with copper pan flashing

Copper Fixed (QFT)

Copper fixed pan-flashed skylight designed for use with asphalt shingles.
Velux Fixed Skylight FCM for curb mounted applications

Fixed (FCM)

Curb mounted fixed skylight designed for an easy installation onto site-built curbs.
Velux Fixed Skylight FS for deck mounted applications

Fixed (FS)

Designed for deck mounted installations providing an economical solution to add character to any space with the addition of natural sun light.
Velux Fixed Skylight QPF with pan flashing

Fixed (QPF)

QPF series skylight is a fixed skylight designed for self-flashed installations.
Fixed Velux Replacement Skylgiht FSR for deck mounted installation

Replacement Fixed (FSR)

Specifically designed to replace previously installed skylights.