Skylight Cost

When it comes to deciding to buy a skylight, cost is one of the biggest concerns our customers have. Folks want to install a skylight to save money on their electricity bills, but fear that the cost of the skylight plus installation may put it out of their budget.

VELUX skylight prices are determined by the skylight model, features and size.

VELUX Skylights offers a Fixed Mount that can be purchased and installed for only a few hundred dollars. Fixed skylights don't open or close but are a great source of natural sunlight.

VELUX Vented Skylights remove hot, stale and humid air from your home, replacing it with cool, fresh air. This feature will save you money by reducing the amount of air conditioning you will require.

On the higher end, VELUX Solar skylight models open and close with the touch of a button and can be operated remotely using a mobile device. While these products have a higher price tag, they are eligible for a 26% tax credit, which will save you money on cost and installation.

VELUX Skylight Prices

The following list outlines the current base price of each Velux model offered by Skylights for Less:

Velux Skylight TypeVelux Skylight ModelBase Price*
Fixed Deck MountFS-C06$255.42
Fixed Curb MountFCM-2246$198.00
Pan Flashed Deck MountedQPF-2246$311.85
Manual Vent Deck MountVS-C06$492.03
Manual Vent Curb MountVCM-2246$524.70
Electric Vent Deck MountVSE-C06$1,200.87
Electric Vent Curb MountVCE-2246$1,260.27
Solar Venting Deck MountVSS-C06$1,200.87
Solar Venting Curb MountVCS-2246$1,260.27
Solar Venting w/ Tax CreditVSS-C06$1,200.87
Solar Venting w/ Tax CreditVCS-2246$1,260.27

*These prices do NOT include installation costs which will vary based on factors such as: skylight model, your ceiling type and number of skylights being installed

Save Money on your Purchase: Solar Tax Credit

VELUX Solar skylights, accessories and installation qualify for a 26% federal tax credit. That breaks down to an average credit between $330 and $720, which can fully offset the cost of a solar blind and some fixed skylights or partially offset the cost of pricier skylights.

This credit is available on solar accessories, even if the solar accessory is purchased with a non-solar skylight. Solar blinds can be purchased with VELUX FS, FCM, VS, VSS, VCS, VCE and VCM skylight models.

And all Velux Skylights products come with a 10-year, no-leak warranty, which means VELUX stands behind their products.