Thin roofing materials won't stand in the way of allowing natural sunlight to shine into a room with the use of Wasco Fixed Deck Mounted Skylights EF Series. Each skylight is specifically designed for roofs that use extremely thin materials, such as slate, wood shingles, and composition, that are up to ¾" thick and where no ventilation is desired. A minimum roof pitch of 3:12 is required, as these skylights are not intended for installation on a vertical surface. Choose from several different skylight finish colors for a customized look that blends in nicely with a home's exterior décor.

Combining a 6" flexible PVC flange with a self-flash system, the Wasco EF series of skylights are extremely easy to install. There is no need to endure having to go through a complex multi-step flashing process or use messy sealants or mastics. This cuts installation time down to approximately 30 minutes!

Wasco E-Class Skylight Installation

Rain and condensation won't find a way into a home with the air-tight leak-proof barrier that seals around each skylight. Water will just run right off the glass and down the roof instead of penetrating the seal and causing extensive damage to a home's roof. A 10 year leak-free warranty provides peace of mind that the seal will be impenetrable for many, many years.