VELUX Fixed Skylight Replacement (FSR) series skylights are designed specifically for the replacement of old skylight installations. The core design behind the FSR series replacement skylights ensures ease of installation when replacing an existing skylight. The 2.75'' deck seal spans a wider area allowing for coverage over inconsistent and/or less accurate preexisting openings. The FSR line of skylights use standard VELUX engineered flashing and come with a '10-year No Leak Warranty'. Matching existing construction and minimizing or avoiding trim work has never been easier thanks to the no-drywall groove built into the interior of the FSR series skylights.


  • 2.75" deck seal to span wider or less accurate openings
  • Replace the old skylight from the roof with little trim needed
  • No drywall groove to match existing construction - simply trim the drywall to the opening
  • Factory pre-finished white wood frame and protective aluminum or copper cladding
  • Streamlined exterior profile does not obstruct your roofline
  • Maximum protection from fading of furniture or artwork
  • Integrated gaskets drain condensation to the outside
  • Mortise and tenon joints for stability in the frame
  • The FSR uses EDL and EDM flashing systems to help ensure a weathertight installation for your skylight. EDL and EDM flashing are for shingles and shakes, and metal roofing
  • Superior LoE3 Glass - advanced LoE3 coating provides more daylight and better heat control for a year-round comfort and energy savings.

Note: In general FSR skylights allow a finished opening variance of 2" on width and height for an ideal fit where the front of the drywall will be under the white skylight frame. An additional 2" in width and height variance will allow the skylight to fit the opening, but additional trim will be required.

Quick Specs
Use Residential
Installation Deck Mounted
Ventilation Fixed
Flashing Required Yes
Blinds Available All Models
Roof Pitch 14°-85°
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