There are many reasons why installing Velux Roof Windows is a bright idea.

  • Maximize wall space by adding a window to the ceiling.
  • Designed for in-reach applications requiring emergency escape abilities.
  • Convert a higher room in your home into a brighter, more appealing space.

Velux Roof Windows are available in a wide range of sizes with various features to fit almost any application. A complete line of flashing systems help ensure a weathertight installation for your roof window on most types of roofs: shingles/shakes and high profile roofing. We carry a full assortment of Velux parts and accessories to suit your needs. We also have many different sizes and styles of flashing available to complete your installation. Looking for more information on the difference between Top-Hinged, Center-Pivot, Roof Access, and Balcony Roof Windows? Click on a product below to learn more about its uses and features!

VELUX GDL Balcony Roof Window open and uninstalled

Balcony Roof Windows (GDL)

A roof window that opens outward creating a roof balcony, transforming otherwise unused space into a unique living area.
VELUX GPU Top Hinged Roof Window partially opened and uninstalled

VELUX GPU Top-Hinged Roof Windows

Specifically designed to be installed in a room on the upper level of a building opening outward to 45° providing an unobstructed view.
VELUX GGU Center-Pivot Roof Windows operating and uninstalled

VELUX GGU Center-Pivot Roof Windows

The original center-pivot roof window. The VELUX GGU model roof window has been tried and tested for many years.
VELUX GXU Roof Access Window completely open

VELUX GXU Roof Access Windows

Let fresh air into your home without having to worry about security or bad weather, even when you are away or sleeping