The VELUX CABRIO® (GDL) is a balcony roof window that opens outward creating a roof balcony. The VELUX GDL CABRIO® has the ability to transform above garage spaces, attics, and otherwise unused space into unique living space with the benefit of an outdoor balcony.

VELUX Cabrio Balcony Skylight fully opened on white background


  • Adds sophistication to your space with extra light and a stunning floor-to-ceiling view
  • The GDL CABRIO roof window comes with a select wood frame and sash coated with a clear finish, and aluminum or copper cladding
  • The top sash opens for maximum ventilation and also pivots inward for easy cleaning from inside the room. The bottom sash opens outward to create a roof balcony
  • When the GDL CABRIO roof window is closed, a ventilation flap can be opened to provide a breath of fresh air, even if it is raining outside
  • A complete line of flashing systems help ensure a weathertight installation for your GDL roof window on most types of roofs: shingles/shakes and high profile roofing
  • Lower section comes with safety glass to reduce the risk of injury
  • Can be used as an emergency exit or rescue

Sunscreening options for optimal light control [sold separately]
The GDL balcony roof window is compatible with the following manual sunscreening accessories:
* Venetian Blind - Accurate glare and light control
* Roller Shade - Diffuse the light

Quick Specs
Use Residential
Ventilation Yes
Flashing Required Yes
Blinds Available
Roof Pitch 35.25°-53°
GDL Installation Instructions ››

Note: Roof windows are not designed to be used in combination with skylights.

VELUX Cabrio Skylights opened with blue sky
Instant balcony

Integrated banister railings automatically appear when the lower window is opened.

VELUX Balcony Skylight closed on red tile roof
A balcony in disguise

When closed, the CABRIO looks like two roof windows joined together.

Three VELUX Skylight Balconies on metal roof of white stucco house with gravel garden
The sky's the limit

Install multiple CABRIOs for even more sunshine and flowing space.