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VELUX Parts & Accessories

VELUX skylight handles, control rods, electronic components, flashing systems, trim kits, SUN TUNNEL™ accessories, and pre-2010 parts and accessories.
Skylight related accessories including skylight control rods, electronic components, skylight handles, and skylight trim kits.
Blind related accessories including extension rods, hook rods, telescopic rods, blind automation systems, remotes, and keypads.
Flashing specifically designed for curb mount skylights, deck mount skylights, and roof windows to ensure a weather-tight fit on virtually all roof types.
All VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ related accessories including tubes, elbows, flashing, diffusers, energy kits, shades, and night lights.
An economical solution for controlling VELUX manual venting skylights, roof windows, and sunscreening accessories.
Parts and accessories for pre-2010 VELUX products including but not limited to blinds, shades, heatblock awnings, control rods, flashing, and remote controls.

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ZOZ 032 Manual Rod
Operates venting units and manual blinds
Starting at $43.20

VELUX ZCT 100 Extension Rod
3' Extension for ZCT 300, ZMT 300, and ZXT 200
Starting at $14.00

VELUX ZXT 200 7-Hook Rod
4'-6' 7-hook control rod for manual blinds
Starting at $31.00

VELUX ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray (FCM)
Accessory tray for FCM skylights
Starting at $125.00

VELUX ZOZ 216 Adhesive Underlayment
Provides added protection from extreme weather conditions
Starting at $38.00

VELUX ZZZ 203 Angle Adaptor
The VELUX ZZZ 203 angle adaptor operates VELUX manual venting skylights (VS or VCM models)
Starting at $33.00

VELUX KLB 100 Battery Backup
Provides limited operation of VSE/VCE skylights if power is lost
Starting at $280.00

VELUX ECB 0000 Biepack Flashing
Counter flashing for deck mounted skylights
Starting at $186.00

VELUX ECB 00000 Biepack Flashing
Biepack flashing for deck mounted products
Starting at $225.60

VELUX ZTK Blackout Shade
Blackout shade for the SUN TUNNEL skylight
Starting at $31.00

VELUX EDL 0100B Copper Step Flashing
For copper cladding only
Starting at $182.00

VELUX EDL 0100A Copper Step Flashing
Copper step flashing for deck mounted products
Starting at $163.20

VELUX ZZZ 212 Crank Handle for VCM Skylights
Operate VCM skylights within reach
Starting at $25.00

VELUX ZZZ 201 Crank Handle for VS Skylights
Operate VS skylights within reach
Starting at $8.00

VELUX ZZZ 169W Crank Handle
Operate VCM skylights within reach
Starting at $26.50

VELUX Daylight Controller
Control the amount of daylight that enters a room
Starting at $250.00

VELUX ZTB Decorative Diffuser
Decorative tunnel diffuser with multiple accents to add style to your room
Starting at $49.00

VELUX Diffusion Enhancer
Enhance the light coming from your tunnel
Starting at $52.00

VELUX ZTC 0041US Energy Kit
Ensure your SUN TUNNEL is energy efficient
Starting at $36.00

VELUX ZZZ 208 Extension for Chain Operator
Extension for chain operator
For VS and VCM skylights

Starting at $20.00

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Products 1-20 of 109

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