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VELUX Skylights add fresh air and natural daylight to any space, making your home more beautiful, healthier and more energy-efficient.

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Your Trusted Commercial and Residential Skylight Dealer

Bring the sunshine right inside with Skylights for Less. We’re your one-stop-shop for affordable and high-quality residential skylights and sun tunnels that brighten up every room in your home. Our wide variety of customized product options make it easy to incorporate natural light flow throughout your residential or commercial property. At Skylights for Less, we’re proud to provide customers with fresh-air access points that are both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.

The Skylights for Less Experts

Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line residential roof windows to enhance your home or commercial skylights to brighten up your business, the professionals at Skylights for Less have the experience and expertise to help make it happen. We’re committed to creating fully customizable daylighting systems for our customers who are pursuing healthier, happier, and brighter living and working environments.

Setting the aesthetic tone through efficient skylight systems begins with the quality brands and products we provide our customers. Skylights for Less offers a complete line of VELUX skylight products and accessories to choose from that make personalizing lighting options easier than ever.

As a residential VELUX dealer, our team is excited to be able to provide customers with everything from quality structural and unit skylights to translucent wall systems and continuous vaults. Customized product selections extend to color type, sizing, and glazing options as well.

Skylight solutions we offer always prioritize energy efficiency and come with the added convenience of being hurricane rated. We provide product options that include smoke vents and are both photovoltaic and electrochromic.

As a premier commercial VELUX dealer, the team at Skylights for Less understands the importance of picking just the right products for a daylighting system. Whether our customers come to us looking for small space solutions or enhancements to spacious residential and commercial properties, we have the options that are sure to satisfy.

Promoting generous natural light flow throughout a property or business requires the inclusion of meticulously placed, and often multiple light access points. To this end, we carry customized skylights, sun tunnels, and commercial roof windows that enhance the overall sense of space and brightness in any room.

When you partner with Skylights for Less, our team of experts is happy to help provide knowledgeable insight on our customer-preferred products ranging from our fixed skylights, and electric skylights to the many manual skylight options. As your trusted residential VELUX skylights dealer, the Skylights for Less team can also recommend solar skylights from our product lineup when energy efficiency is a priority.

The space you live, work, and play in deserves to be a well-designed oasis of comfort. In many homes and businesses, this begins with creating an environment where daylight and fresh air are easily accessible.

At Skylights for Less, we’re happy to install a variety of skylights and roof windows that meet these standards. Our products are easily complemented by a wide range of electronic accessories, blinds, solar panels, and shades making them that much more versatile for customers.

The Benefits of Skylights in a Home or Office

Letting the light shine in through skylights or roof windows brightens up space, but it also has the power to improve the overall interior ambiance. Ultimately, natural indoor light is of a higher quality than artificial lighting options. This results in the improved illumination of color, space, and architectural details which are designed to be admired.

When it comes to increasing natural light flow in a home or office, skylights prove to be more efficient than vertical windows of the same size. Those who opt for a skylight installation will enjoy up to three times more light flow than what permeates standard windows!

Installing skylights is also a great step for those looking to incorporate environmentally-friendly design aspects into a property. Increasing natural light flow sources reduces the need to run electrical light sources during the daytime hours.

Ultimately, this can also reduce property energy bills. Similarly, those who select VELUX solar-powered products will enjoy the added benefit of qualifying for a 26% tax credit on their purchase.

When it comes to space-saving designs, skylights are a great option as well. Instead of consuming wall space like traditional windows, they’re uniquely designed to work into ceiling dimensions. Customers who choose sun tunnels will find that they have an opportunity to brighten up rooms in the home that aren’t designed for standard window installation.

At Skylights for Less, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers VELUX skylight designs that promote efficient air circulation. This improves the overall air quality in a home or office and can prove essential to setting a standard for better health.

The benefits of skylights prove useful in a variety of industries and for customers that come to us with just as many different types of needs. We’re thrilled to work with builders, architects, merchants, contractors, and homeowners alike when designing customized daylighting systems.

26% Solar Tax Credit

The 26% tax credit is available on solar skylights AND accessories, even if the solar accessory is purchased with a non-solar skylight. Learn More

Products Designed to Brighten Up Your Life

Natural light flow universally enhances the sense of space available in a home or business. It also has the power to enhance moods and liven up a living and working aesthetic. At Skylights for Less, we’re proud to be a renowned residential VELUX roof windows dealer as well as a trusted commercial VELUX skylights dealer customer count on. Our skylights are designed to work in tandem to create a personalized focal point in any given space while simultaneously being crafted to showcase style and high manufacturing standards.

Skylights can be added to a home or business with customized finishes that are both durable and eye-catching. This combination results in a light-enhancing product that looks great for years to come! Sustainability and security are also at the forefront of the product options we offer customers. At Skylights for Less, we’re a commercial VELUX roof windows dealer that’s committed to continuously surpassing high-performance standards and refining the daylighting systems process with every project we take on.

Residential Services

We work closely with homeowners looking to brighten up their living spaces to create a daylighting system that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. Our wide range of skylight solutions can be made to match any room in the home and complement existing roofing materials.

Our team of experts pays attention to the details that make a difference when it comes to achieving customized results. We pair windows and skylights that keep efficiency and style top of mind.

Commercial Services

Our commercial customers work hard to make sure their business continues to thrive. At Skylights for Less, our team works hard to make sure those same businesses have the styles and shapes of skylights in place to fit their every need.

No matter where your business is located or what industry it serves, we’re here to make sure the customized skylights and roof windows selected meet your business requirements. From solar-paneled designs that enhance efficiency to models that improve space standards, no commercial daylighting solution is out of reach.

Partnering with Skylights for Less

At Skylights for Less, we’re committed to providing ourcustomers with quality VELUX products that deliver amazing results at pricesthey can afford. We provide seamless financing solutions, and our customers cancount on personalized assistance when it comes to choosing just the rightproducts for their home or business. Our responsive customer service team makesthe process simple and seamless for those we serve.

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