Custom Blinds

There are many reasons why installing Velux Custom Blinds is a bright idea

  • Personalize your Skylight to your own specifications.
  • Reduce solar glare and increase energy efficiency in your home.
  • Add privacy and character to a room or area.

Velux Custom Blinds are available in a wide range of sizes with various features to fit almost any application. Skylights For Less can provide a quote for custom-sized blinds in either a residential or commercial setting. We carry a full assortment of Velux parts to suit your needs. We also have many different Velux Skylight Accessories available to complete your installation.

Looking for more information on the different sizes available? 
Please contact our customer service with your tag information by calling 888-866-1149 or filling out a contact form.

*Custom blinds are now available for size C12 Deck mount skylights and size 2280 Curb mount skylights.