Skylight Types

Fixed Skylights

These skylights don't open so they provide additional light but no ventilation or fresh air

  • Used in areas that are difficult to access
  • Roof requirement for deck mount skylight installation - minimum pitch 3:12 and maximum pitch 137:12
  • Ideal for hallways, attics, stairwells and other hard to reach areas

Self Flashed

Deck Mount

Curb Mount

Roof Windows

Built into the roof of the home

  • Can be opened to bring in more light and fresh air
  • Transforms unused spaces into livable areas
  • typically used in lofts, attic spaces and above garage rooms
  • This is a specialty item and we recommend that the installation be handled by a knowledgeable experts

Top Hinged

Center Pivot

Roof Access

Balcony Roof

Vented Skylights

Also known as venting skylights. They Can be opened, so they offer additional light + fresh air. They Remove excess moisture and provides a steady flow of fresh air so it's perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. They Even works with high ceilings

Options Are

  • MANUAL - opened by a manual or motorized hand crank
  • ELECTRIC - operated by remove control
  • SOLAR - captures available daylight and uses it to recharge the operator and control system

Electric and solar options have an added feature! A temperature-controlled sensor that allows you to monitor and control the light and air quality. The system is also app enabled and allows the user to control the skylight and blinds from any location
Options for curb mounted or deck mounted installations
Roof requirement for deck mount skylight installation - minimum pitch 3:12 and maximum pitch 137:12
Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and laundry rooms



Solar Vented

Tubular Skylights

Also called light tubes. Sunlight is directed from the rooftop assembly to the diffuser lens which is installed on the interior ceiling surface. Smaller and typically circular so they fit into tight spaces, normally 10", 14", or 21" in diameter.

  • Roof requirement for sun tunnel installation - minimum pitch 3:12 and maximum pitch 137 :12
  • Available with special features like a dimmer switch to control the amount of daylight that is let in, night light to brighten the space at nighttime or ventilation fan to let fresh air in

Options are

  • RIGID SHAFT - use when there is an unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling. Best for long runs
  • FLEXIBLE SHAFT - use when there are obstacles within the loft space as it can bend around obstructions. Best for shorter tunnel runs

Ideal for enclosed spaces like small rooms, hallways, closets, pantries and foyers

Flexible Sun Tunnel

Rigid Sun Tunnel