There are many reasons why installing Deck Mounted Velux Skylights is a bright idea.

  • Turn a normal room into something unique.
  • All-natural way of allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home, improving energy efficiency.
  • Designed for in-reach applications as well as overhead, out-of-reach applications.

VELUX Deck Mounted Skylights are available for sale in a wide range of sizes with various features to fit almost any application. And we carry a full assortment of VELUX parts and accessories to suit your needs. We also have many different sizes and styles of flashing available to complete your installation. And VELUX Deck Mounted Skylights are backed by VELUX's No Leak Guarantee! Buy VELUX Deck Mounted Skylights at Skylights for Less!

  • Looking for more information on the difference between Fixed Skylights, Electric Skylights, and Solar Skylights? Click on a product below to shop or learn more about its uses and features!
Velux Solar Skylight VSS for deck mounted installations

Solar Venting (VSS)

A solar powered, motorized, deck mount skylight design that brings natural light and fresh air to any space.
Velux Electric Skylight VSE for deck mounted applications

Electric Venting (VSE)

An electric skylight designed for deck mount installations, opening and closing with the touch of a button.
Velux Manual Venting Skylight VS for deck mounted installations

VELUX VS Skylight

A deck mounted skylight designed to bring both daylight and fresh air into a room adding character and comfort.
Velux Fixed Skylight FS for deck mounted applications

Fixed (FS)

Designed for deck mounted installations providing an economical solution to add character to any space with the addition of natural sun light.
Fixed Velux Replacement Skylgiht FSR for deck mounted installation

FSR Fixed Skylight Replacement

Specifically designed to replace previously installed skylights.
​Wasco Deck Mounted Residential Skylights

Wasco E-Series

Self-flashed units for use with thin roofing materials with higher slopes