Opening and closing your skylight is as easy as pushing a button with the Wasco Solar Venting Skylights EVMS Model. Using a small, handheld remote control, it will take just a few second to start the small motor that will open up the unit and let fresh air into the room. Have more than one skylight? Don't worry. A single handheld remote control is able to control up to 81 different skylights.

Each unit is powered by a solar charged battery pack. This means you will not have to deal with complex electrical wiring during installation, as all the motors run off of solar energy. A small rain sensor comes on each skylight unit. When it starts to rain, the entire unit will automatically close the skylight. That means finding no more unexpected puddles in your home, as the skylights close automatically!

Wasco E-Class Skylight Installation

Wasco Solar Venting Skylights EVMS Model skylights are self-flashing and are designed for use with residential roofs that are made of thin roofing materials. Easily install these skylights on roofs made of slate, wood shingles, and composition. Thanks to Wasco's one-piece curb frame design, these units can easily be installed in approximately 30 minutes.