The VELUX Electric Venting Skylight (VSE) is an electrically powered skylight designed for a deck mount install. The VSE skylight opened and closed by the touch of a button.

The skylight also has an integrated rain sensor that will automatically close the skylight during wet weather.


  • The VSE skylight comes with pre-finished white frames and sashes that eliminate the need for secondary high cost trips by a painter
  • An insect screen, a stainless steel chain operator, operator hook, and aluminum or copper cladding is also included in the package
  • The smooth, low-profile of the VSE skylight does not obstruct your roofline
  • The VSE skylight comes in a variety of sizes that work with rafter or truss roofs, so that you can select the one that is right for your project
  • A complete line of flashing systems help ensure a weathertight installation for your VSE skylight, no matter what your roofing material: shingles and shakes, high profile roofing, or metal roofing
  • All VELUX skylight glazings are built using energy efficient, LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes. The VSE skylight comes with a choice of glazing options, each designed to meet the needs of specific building situations

Convenient control pad [included]
The VCE skylight opens and closes quietly from anywhere in the house using our new innovate KLI 310 Wall Mounted Keypad.

Simple Installation
The VSE skylight installs using a single 14 gauge hard wire that connects into a standard junction box unlike other motorized skylights. 20 feet of wire is included.

Electrical Components [included]
The VSE skylight comes with a pre-installed concealed motor and control system, as well as a rain sensor that automatically closes your skylight during inclement weather.

Accessories [sold separately]
A KLF 200 interface to home automation system allows you to integrate the operation of your electric venting skylights and electric blinds with other systems in your home such as a thermostat or home alarm system.

Quick Specs
Use Residential
Installation Deck Mounted
Ventilation Venting
Method Electric
Flashing Required Yes
Blinds Available Most Models
Roof Pitch 14°-85°
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