Are you Burning Daylight?

The cost of running a business isn’t just about buying low and selling high – your brick-and-mortar office needs investment too. With high upkeep costs such as lighting, heating, and cooling (just to name a few), employees can often complain that a workplace isn’t bright enough, or that the temperature in the office isn’t suitable for work.

On top of that, fluorescent lights can hurt workers’ eyes over time, causing work fatigue and employee distress. Indoor air quality is also a concern for most workers, as most of them are breathing the same recycled air their coworkers are. All of these factors contribute to employee burnout, in which they start to wonder if that particular workplace is the right one for them.

So how do you keep your employees on? How do you improve your workers’ space while keeping utility costs low? With Commercial Skylights from VELUX, that’s how.







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A VELUX Commercial Skylight is proven to boost workplace morale. An office’s temperature and lighting are incredibly important factors in an employee’s productivity. If temperature is too high or too low, employees may be unable to focus on the tasks at hand and start thinking about when they can return to their more temperate home.

You may be concerned that a skylight only adds temperature to a room by adding sunlight. However, Commercial Dome Skylights from VELUX have a Secure Thermal Seal with a 100% thermally tested skylight frame. Interior surfaces are completely isolated from exterior temperatures. VELUX Commercial Skylights also provide an impenetrable water barrier. You truly don’t have to worry about any leaks with properly installed Commercial VELUX Skylights!

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If a workplace is too dark, depression is a common side-effect. A VELUX Skylight also lets more natural sunlight into a workspace, raising serotonin levels in workers and raising workplace morale. Serotonin, if you’re not familiar, is a chemical our brain releases which gives us feelings of well-being and happiness, and is often released in response to exposure to fulfilled and content with their tasks at hand.

While workplace morale often has a good effect on the productivity of the people working there, efficiency is also increased as different lighting options are also increased. But don’t just take it from us! The folks over at had a similar take, stating that “daylight enhances human performance”, meaning that daylight increases productivity and efficiency more than fluorescent or any other artificial lighting source ever could.

Fixed Dome Skylights

Our acrylic dome skylights are just what you need to tie your whole workspace together. Easily and quickly installed, these domes will keep water and temperature changes out of your workplace while providing all of the same benefits mentioned above, as well as being impact resistant. VELUX Acrylic Dome Skylights are just what your workplace needs!

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Sun Tunnels

VELUX Sun Tunnels are a great way to add light when there isn’t much cash or space available for a skylight. Our Rigid Sun Tunnels are designed for both low sloped and flat roofs, with a variety of dome options to suit your needs. Light a bathroom or office with just one or two VELUX Commercial Sun Tunnels. Installation is also a very minimal process done in-house or by a local contractor.

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If your workplace could use VELUX Commercial Skylights, we would be happy to help. Our extremely knowledgeable sales team can help with any skylight in almost any application. Here at Skylights for Less, we’re the type of people that had to see the benefits for ourselves, so we had a few skylights installed in our office. The difference is night and day!