To Repair or to Replace - That Is the Question

I get many calls from people trying to find parts for older skylights. Most Skylight companies manufacture their products in such a way that replacement parts cannot be duplicated. Therefore, it is difficult to find an equivalent “generic” part to make repairs easy and no so expensive. Replacement parts for the Velux Skylights are searched and then identified by having the serial number that is located on a distinctive tag, usually placed on the frame part, interior side of the Skylight.

Things to remember when buying a skylight

1. Keep a copy of the serial number written down or stored on a computer, so if it is needed, there is no need to climb a ladder or waste time trying to find it at a later point in time.

2. Keep a copy of the invoice describing the item that was purchased. That way if something breaks, you can call the company it was purchased from and get directions on how it gets repaired.

For most Skylights, small replacement parts are available for at least 15-20 years after the manufacturing date of the unit. The Serial number of the Skylight gives the experts the date of manufacturing, model and sizing while also helping to identify those parts that need replaced. Remember: Skylight parts are unique and there is usually not a generic part to fix a skylight.

Skylight replacement parts can keep a Skylight usable and extend its life past the 20-year mark, however, in some cases a new skylight may be necessary. Keep in mind if you have to replace the roof, it is also a good time to replace the Skylight. This will help with the Roof Warranty, and if the skylight leaks at some point in the future, you might have to tear up a new roof just to replace a Skylight.

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A New Skylight will have better material on it. New and improved framing material, solar material for operating skylights and the improvements for UV protection and Hail Protection will make for a better performing Skylight and Tax credits will offset costs of replacing an older Skylight, rather than trying to find parts for an older model.

Best advice for repairing or replacing a Skylight:

  1. Find the serial number of the Skylight.
  2. Speak with an expert about the Skylight.
  3. Determine if replacing the Skylight is the best
  4. Cost effective measure for the type of roof it is installed on.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me directly at 1-800-284-5194 ext. 292. Just ask for Theresa!